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Basesprung Sound Technique – Vibration Control Technology

Northern Ireland Audio Show Review Featuring the QuattraBase Support with Oracle Electronics

Friday 5th of November 2010

Extract from adventuresinhifiaudio.com

"This was the first time I have truly heard a Sub-Sat speaker system blend properly and produce music as well if not better than any conventional box system; this was a very impressive sounding room but I am getting ahead of myself.

As well as the Cabasse speakers the system comprised of an Oracle CD 2500, Belles Reference 22A pre-amplifier £2500, Belles Reference 150A power-amplifier £2300 and a size 5 Audiophile Base equipment table. All cabling both signal and mains were Coherent Cables.

Tony Sallis MD of Coherent Systems played a track I know very well Keith don’t Go by Nills Lofgren and to be honest it was stunning. The music was fast, open, detailed but not bright or forward. There was excellent coherence between the sub and the sats, the music flowed well and was very musical. There were some issues with low bass in the room but apart from that the quality of sound was very high indeed.

I was very impressed."