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Basesprung Sound Technique – Vibration Control Technology

Hong Kong Audio & Audio Visual Show Press Release

Friday 1st of October 2010

Audiophile Base Goes Global

The respected British manufacturer Audiophile Base was the centre of attention at this year’s Hong Kong Hi-End Audio Visual Show. Having established an enviable reputation in the UK since 1993, the brand is now recognised across the World for it’s unique vibration control technology.

Audiophile Base support systems and vibration control platforms on demonstration at the 2010 Hong Kong Hi-End Show

The Hong Kong show is home to one of the biggest audio show-cases in the world. Audiophile Base support systems and vibration control platforms were used by Asia Distributor Radar Audio Company to demonstrate the latest products from leading UK digital audio specialists dCS, tube amps from USA company Balanced Audio Technology, and ProAc speakers.

Alongside the established and well-reviewed StarBase support system, this was one of the first demonstrations using the substantial new QuattraBase support, designed to accommodate large components. These supports are extremely practical, flexible and easy to configure. One of the big advantages is the ease of adding additional levels or adapting the space between sections to accommodate a new piece of equipment when upgrading a system.

Vibration Control Technology

The key to the success of Audiophile Base is the BASE Platform, now available in a range of sizes to suit just about any piece of Hi-Fi or AV equipment. These can be used in conjunction with Base support systems, or with any suitable Hi-Fi rack, AV furniture or shelving.

The audible effects of unwanted vibrations acting upon electrical components within audio equipment are now fully recognised. These vibrations are generated by energy introduced into the listening room by loudspeakers and transferred to the room structure and contents. Additionally, transformers and motors also generate vibration energy, this time directly within the audio components.

How it works

The BASE Platform provides a novel suspension system, as confirmed by the Patents for the design. The mechanics can be compared with a familiar suspension system comprising a spring and damper. Compliant beams (the springs) are each supported by two feet and allowed to cantilever at each end. The beam is continuously bonded to a carefully specified elastomeric strip (the damper) which is fully bonded to the support platform. This allows movement in the beam and deflection under the loading of the supported equipment. This assembly effectively dissipates low order vibration over a wide frequency range.

When a BASE Platform is inserted between audio equipment and a support table, the structure borne vibration energy is controlled. This is particularly evident from reproduced bass extension, ‘speed’ and clarity.

Additionally, vibrations internally generated within electronics are transferred to the support platform and damped by the carefully designed assembly.

The recognition of these factors affecting reproduced sound, and their successful resolution combined within a single device is unique to the BASE Platform. The overall sonic improvement offers wonderfully natural tonal characteristics, superb imaging and a dynamic, detailed presentation of transients even into the lowest bass frequencies.


Featuring Audiophile Base unique beam technology


Audiophile BASE Platforms start at £225 Retail inc VAT and are available in a range of sizes from 350mm wide up to 550mm wide.