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Basesprung Sound Technique – Vibration Control Technology



An introduction to ‘low error listening’

Discussion paper 12.1 - Audiophile Base Vibration & Resonance Control Systems

Consisting of a range of platforms and platform carrying rack elements employing unique patented features Audiophile Base offer an intelligent and effective means of minimising time domain errors which are the key obstruction to effective long term listening and viewing in a domestic environment. They offer by far the most consistently beneficial means of getting the best out of your system and releasing the true nature of the actual performance that you choose to listen to which is often quite different from your expectations.

If getting as close to the music and the performers is your aim, and why wouldn’t it be, then the Audiophile Base components when correctly installed can provide the most effective long term solution even when compared to other much more expensive and usually preposterous offerings which make great claims but are rarely more than fancy furniture items with no actually beneficial time domain features. Using massive or monolithic materials in whatever combination is a primitive and short term fix at best leading to listening fatigue and narrowing listening habits Audiophile Base customers when using a correctly installed system - are satisfied customers with no actual need to make inappropriate and expensive changes but instead discover more and more listening pleasure and insights into an ever widening listening palette.

We can demonstrate the actual benefits of the Audiophile Base systems by home trial which is the only serious and effective way of making an informed long term purchase of any serious listening system or component. Our home evaluation service is priced to achieve this and are received as being wholly worthwhile in their own right but any cost is usually quickly absorbed by subsequent purchase and long term listening relationship.

We are serious about listening and with extensive professional experience in most aspects of music at the highest level can offer all the evidence and reason to support our approach to listening seriously or as we generally and genially refer to it - ‘low error listening’

So let’s listen. Get in touch for a further discussion and to make an appointment.


The listening sessions are presented by Nick de Paeztron who has a wide professional track record in performed, recorded, broadcast and ‘listened’ music at the highest level including major orchestras, composers, conductors, chamber and recital soloists and ensembles through acoustic folk, jazz, world, electro-acoustic, rock, metal, tekno to the extremes of large arena and outdoor events. Nick is accustomed to supervising events for audiences of hundreds or thousands but has spent a large amount of time on ‘The Listening Project’ to thoroughly research the implication of a most demanding task - how to listen effectively and seriously in the long term in a domestic environment - an audience usually of one!