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Basesprung Sound Technique – Vibration Control Technology

About Us

The unique Base platform using our patented vibration control technology was introduced in 1993 to combat the detrimental effects of vibrational energy whether structure borne, airborne or internal on audio and audio-visual componets.

One hi fi journal called the Base Platform the “great monolith of our time” but the sceptics didn't believe us then so why believe us now!

However no one could have perceived that vibration control technology would be so important to us as it is now.

With our technology we can help to reproduce music as it was originally played through “low error listening”. Sound and vision reproduction has never been better and Base brings you all of this through its audio support technology.And the Base “Suspension System” is paramount in obtaining the very best from your audio and audio-visual systems.

There were doubters that felt that no matter how you supported your electronics it made no difference. However, this feeling has changed over the years to the degree that manufacturers of electronics and other audio support systems have come to understand that to control vibrational energies in hi fi equipment is now all important.

We have gone on to develop our technology in our extended range of Platforms, sometimes referred to as Isolation Platforms, now includes the StrataBase version.

In the meantime, others have followed purporting to have a better solution but we were one of the forerunners. And continue to be a major influence in vibration control technology in the audio and audio-visual market and in fact “the original and still the best”.