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Basesprung Sound Technique – Vibration Control Technology

Base Platform

Base platform
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  • BetaBase Audio Support

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Vibration Control Platforms


Platform Reviews

BetaBase Review


The Audiophile BetaBase is a highly attractive, high-quality hi-fi support. Compared with ordinary furniture tables, it transforms the listening experience, bringing strong, textured bass, clean, detailed midrange and smooth, open treble to your music.

Hi-Fi World Review

See our StarBase Review in 'Soundbites' in the February 2012 edition of Hi- Fi World

This is a very special set of shelving - a Rolls Royce rack, in fact. See it as a genuine upgrade that will have you re-evaluating much of your music collection.

Hi Fi Choice Awards

StandardBase wins Gold

Since our inception in 1993, Audiophile Base has specialised in Vibration Control Technology to combat the detrimental effects of vibration energy on Audio and Home Cinema Equipment. This allows equipment to perform to its optimum level through improved stability.

To achieve this, first came the Base Vibration Control Platform, also known as an Isolation Platform, with its Patented design Suspension System. This provides dissipation of internal energy that is inherent in the equipment plus further protection from air-borne and structure-borne energies.

Then followed a range of Modular Frameworks, with lowered energy storage, to provide support for the Base Platforms. This further enhances the performance of the Platform and provides a multi-level support system for a number of pieces of equipment.

The Base Platform and StarBase Supports, sometimes known as hi-fi racks, are now universally recognised and have over the years received many accolades including a Gold Award and 5 Star ratings in the Hi-Fi Press. They are also highly endorsed by music enthusiasts who want to experience the reproduction of music as it was originally recorded.

A further addition to the Vibration Control Platform range is the StrataBase and to the Audio Support range is the AlphaBase for small equipment.Then at the other end of the scale is the QuattraBase Support for much larger equipment, therefore ever expanding the range to a widening audience of music and film lovers.

Newly introduced to the Traditional and Lifestyle Ranges are the BetaBase Audio Support and the BLESS (Base Lifestyle Equipment Support Stand). 

Why are Base Platforms so important?

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